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Employee Anniversary Gifts | Start A Gift Program

by Heather Rykowski In an era where the average worker spends less than five years working at a given company, it is crucial for any employer to make their staff feel welcome and positive if they [...]

Cost-Effective Advertising

by Heather Rykowski Ad specialties cost less per impression than practically every other form of advertising. The amount of money spent on ad specialties is not that much. This form of advertising is more target [...]

Screen Printing Specialty Applications

by Heather Rykowski There are the countless ways to promote your brand using apparel.  From hats and jackets to shirts and uniforms, these items provide a way for your clients to express themselves while marketing [...]

When Promoting Your Business, “Perception is Reality”

by Heather Rykowski Investing in boat loads of cheap promotional products to giveaway at trade shows was considered effective marketing, back in the day, but no more! Businesses are beginning to realize that giveaways directly [...]

Eco-Friendly Promotional Products: A Short Guide

by Heather Rykowski As a promotional products distributor, we have found that more and more of our clients want to support the environment by purchasing products that support the Three R’s: Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle.  [...]

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